Indoor maps creation on desktop

workplace and smart buildings

Indoor mapping and wayfinding for workplace and smart buildings

Visioglobe indoor mapping and wayfinding solution provides building management optimization, travel facilitation and data analysis.

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Make employees feel at home

Improve your workplace environment


Find easily a free meeting room, a desk, a colleague, or any point of interest in your building. Navigate to your selected destination.


Handle your comfort and workspace in real time from the application map (temperature, luminosity, blinds).


Visioglobe indoor mapping allows you to report incidents to your facility management team and make sure maintenance staff is notified.

Overview maintenance and facilities

Make your building a smart building with indoor maps


As a venue owner or operator overlook and control in real time your assets at all times of the day.


Visualize on the map what’s going on with your IoT, and track your assets. Oversee battery levels and beacon status.


Guide operators in order to maintain a faulty equipment, get notified when the intervention has ended.

Analyse your indoor space usage in real time

Keep your building optimized and safe


Have a clear view on which meeting rooms, flex desks or common spaces are the most used.

Flow control

(Covid19) Optimize time and congestion not to mix too many employees at the time in the cafeteria or in meetings rooms. 


(Covid19) Manage cleaning shifts based on the meeting room usage to maintain your building.

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We have been working with Visioglobe since 2012 on a variety of IT projects especially on smart offices. Our partnership based on collaboration, trust and the requirement of a job well done allows us to innovate more and more.

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